Solar For Municipalities

Solar Power Creates Benefits for Everyone

Solar power creates lots of benefits for everyone in the community and municipalities can also share in the opportunity to save with solar. As electricity costs continue to rise, the transition to a less expensive, sustainable source of clean power can have a significant impact on the municipal budget.

Saving 10% annually can provide financial resources to hire another teacher, make infrastructure repairs, improve safety and security, or any number of other priorities.

Roof Top Solar
Solar For Municipalities

Why Solar?

The price of installing solar has dropped more than 60% since 2010 and is still declining, making it a very cost-effective way to generate power for our schools, hospitals, government buildings and other public works.

For most municipalities, energy is one of the top three expenditures, so saving money by going Solar provides an opportunity for that money to be invested elsewhere in the community!

Municipalities have multiple opportunities for going solar, whether it is a sunny stretch of land for leasing to a Community Solar farm, open rooftops to host an array, or simply becoming a Community Solar subscriber, Counties, Towns, and Villages could be generating clean, renewable energy right now, and saving money at the same time.

Benefits of Solar Power

Clean, renewable energy for the community

Reduction of energy expenditure

Availability of funds for other needs

Are you ready to use Solar For Your Municipality?