Why Choose Community Solar

Community Solar is a clean renewable energy source.

By installing solar panels in a sunny, remote location, individuals and businesses around the Community Solar farm can ‘subscribe’ to the clean energy it creates, and accumulate credits towards the balance on their utility account. You can reduce the cost of your electricity, help put more clean, renewable solar power into our energy supply, and never see a solar panel on your roof.

Community Solar power is generated at remote locations so you no longer need to own a home or property owner to get the benefits of clean, solar energy. Plus— Community Solar credits can be used to offset your entire electric utility payment.

Solar Farm Benefits

No solar panels on your property or roof

Guaranteed 10% savings on your energy bill credits

Create clean, renewable energy in your community

No long-term contracts to sign

The power to CHOOSE how your energy is made

Here’s How Easy Billing Works:

When you subscribe to a Community Solar, you will receive two bills each month.

The first bill is from your regular utility company with the applied solar credits added to your balance, typically resulting in a very low if not negative/credited balance.

The second bill will come electronically from your Community Solar provider, showing the value of the credits you received for that month and the price you pay with the 10% discount is applied.

No subscription fees

No credit check

No long-term contract

Easy electronic sign-up

Join Our Solar Community

Solar Power is now an option for anyone with an electric bill. We make it easy to sign up.