Solitude Solar, LLC is now US Light Energy

Solitude Solar, LLC in Latham, New York recently announced they have changed their name to US Light Energy. “The name change helps to complete the connection from Solitude Solar, LLC to the old US Light Energy, where all the key employees worked together as colleagues” said US Light Energy Chief Executive Officer, Mark Richardson.

US Light Energy is a New York based distributed generation and renewable energy development company, focused on Community Solar and commercial/institutional project development. US Light Energy develops renewable distributed energy projects that everyone can be proud of, knowing their participation helps create a better, more sustainable, cost effective energy future for our children and our planet.

Stay tuned as US Light Energy has some very exciting announcements coming soon! If you would like more information on this topic, please call US Light Energy at 518-288-7800, or email info@uslightenergy.com.

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