What happens at the end of the contract?

US Light Energy is responsible for decommissioning the solar farm at the end of term of the solar project. All panels and related equipment are removed and recycled, returning the land to its pre-solar farm condition.

How long does a solar array last?

Think of your solar array as a 25-year investment. Solar panels will produce energy for at least 25 years.

Will people be coming and going on my land?

The solar farm will have an access road and fencing surrounding the project during construction and operation. Only qualified personnel will be authorized to enter the project area. We will not enter or disturb any land that is not dedicated to the solar farm.

Talk to me about maintenance.

US Light Energy will maintain the solar array throughout the lifetime of the system. We include site visits, electrical system checks, cleaning and more to keep your operation in tip-top shape.

What is it like to live near a solar farm?

Solar farms make excellent neighbors. Solar Farms, by nature of their design, have a low profile. We keep as much vegetation around the perimeter as possible. Solar farms are entirely self-contained. They use no fuel and create no air or water pollution. The panels are unobtrusive. The low end of a solar panel is usually a few feet off the ground, while the high end is typically about 10 feet off the ground.

Is there a contract involved?

Yes. The standard operating term is for 25 years, with three, five year renewal options. Once a decision has been made to begin building the intended project, US Light Energy will finalize the terms with the Land Owner and enter into a binding lease.

What are the lease rates?

After we perform our preliminary feasibility study, we will then present a draft of the solar lease agreement to the landowner. Rates can vary depending on the utility load zone, type of land, whether the land is south-facing with road access and in close proximity to the substation. The lease payment will determined by the final system size of the project.

What is considered suitable land? Does my land qualify?

We consider land of at least 10-15 continuous acres to be suitable for solar farm development. Land should be cleared, relatively flat, and free of environmentally sensitive areas. We assess the property for compatibility with utility infrastructure and proximity to a power station. Our team will perform a feasibility study to evaluate your site and determine whether or not your site can host a community solar project at no cost to you.

What are the benefits to leasing my land for solar?

Landowners nationwide are discovering that they can earn a substantial income stream by leasing their land to US Light Energy. The Solar Land Lease allows owners an opportunity to take underutilized or vacant land and convert the property into a maintenance-free, long-term revenue stream. Additionally, you’re doing a great thing by providing your community with a safe, reliable, and unlimited fuel source! Solar produces zero emissions, fumes, smoke or other toxic byproducts. It’s truly the cleanest form of energy production and by far preferred. A solar farm land lease is a tremendous opportunity to use your land to produce long term, stable revenue – all while helping the environment.

What is a solar farm?

A solar farm is a group of ground-mounted photovoltaic (PV) solar panels installed in a sunny location that work in harmony to produce electricity for your community. Solar farms range in size, with many being large enough to power hundreds of homes and businesses. Solar projects are pollutant free, and do not create any loud noise, odors or undesirable impacts.

Please reach out to us at your convenience.

You may contact us at 518-288-7800 x 107 or via email at sales@uslightenergy.com

We look forward to exploring this opportunity with you.