Introducing the US Light Energy Land Lease Referral Program

US Light Energy is committed to developing clean, renewable energy projects that have a positive impact on the environment and the surrounding community. Our landowners share that commitment, and they benefit from the projects developed on their land.

Now, with our new Land Lease Referral Program, if you share that commitment and want to have an impact on your community and the environment, you can share in the benefit as well!

The Land Lease Referral Program offers real financial incentives to individuals that refer US Light Energy to their friends, family and neighbors.

Because every community solar project is unique, and construction isn’t guaranteed, we’ve set up the program to reward participants, both when their friends or family sign a lease, and when the project is completed:

In total, Referral Program participants will earn:

  • $500 whenever a referred friend or family member signs the US Light Energy Land Lease
  • $1000 when the project is completed

To learn more, visit https://uslightenergy.com/refer/

New York State of Opportunity NYSERDA
NYSEIA New York Solar Energy Industries Association
NY BES+ / New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium
NABCEP Board Certified PV Installation Professional
NABCEP Board Certified PV Technical Sales