Roof Leasing

An empty roof can provide an ideal home for a solar project regardless of your energy needs, while creating additional income in the process.

Why Lease Us Your Roof?

A roof’s main purpose is to protect your building from the elements but often results in a surplus of empty and seemingly unusable space. A solar roof lease takes advantage of that unused space by generating extra income for your business, and in many cases can cover or contribute to your electricity needs as well. Benefits include:

Additional income from lease payments

Lease payments in customizable installments

Energy savings

Energy produced on site can be consumed on site or exported to the local electrical grid

Extending the life of a roof

When properly installed, the solar array can often provide additional protection from the elements to your otherwise exposed roof surface

Roof Leasing
Roof Leasing

Our Process

Through our years of experience, US Light Energy has developed a unique feasibility process for commercial buildings in which we analyze the following:

Utility Infrastructure

Much like our land analysis, we begin with the most important aspect of every site, which is to ensure the project can be connected to the electrical grid. Whether it be connected directly to your facility or installed as an independent generator, commercial buildings generally have adequate infrastructure that is required to host a project.

Structural Analysis

Once we confirm a project can be connected, it is important to ensure a project can be supported by the existing roof structure. We perform an inspection of the building with a structural engineer to ensure a system can be installed on top of your roof without compromising the safety or security of the structure.

Cost Benefit Analysis

After confirming a project can be connected and hosted at your facility, we analyze the economic options for the project to present the most beneficial solution to your business. This may include on-site energy consumption to reduce your utility bills, or simply becoming a host for one of our projects for worry-free lease payments year after year.

Does Your Roof Qualify for Leasing?

We’ll do the research. US Light Energy will evaluate your site with a thorough assessment including pre-application with the utility. We will determine whether your land is a qualifying site.