Blue solar panels in a field
As the push towards renewable energy continues to gain momentum across the nation, community solar projects are becoming increasingly popular in Illinois. The state aims to generate 40% of energy demands from renewable sources by 2030. Ultimately, Illinois plans to utilize 100% renewable energy by 2050. With community solar, businesses, homeowners, and renters can share the benefits of a single, large-scale solar array, offering a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution for all. It represents a collective effort towards environmental responsibility and energy independence, where local areas can contribute to and benefit from clean energy without requiring community solar subscribers to install solar equipment on personal property. But to make it all happen, you need to find a solar company that can set up your community for long-term success. Here are four tips for finding the best solar company in Illinois!

Solar Development Experience

When embarking on a community solar project, the first thing to consider is the solar company’s experience in solar development. A company with extensive experience will have a proven track record of completed projects and be familiar with the unique challenges and opportunities the Illinois solar market presents. At US Light Energy (USLE), we understand what it takes to create a successful distributed generation project in Illinois. We have over thirty years of solar PV, energy industry, and real estate experience. With projects spanning multiple states, USLE has successfully developed over 185 commercial solar projects; hundreds more have been vetted! USLE is board-certified by NABCEP as a PV installation professional and PV technical sales expert. US Light Energy has been voted one of the top solar contractors of 2023 by Solar Power World, a distinction we’ve earned for three consecutive years.

Development Services

Comprehensive development services are crucial when selecting a solar company. These services should cover all aspects of the project, from planning and design to construction and grid connection. The right company will offer a turnkey solution, managing every step of the process to ensure a successful outcome. US Light Energy provides a full suite of development services tailored to meet the specific needs of community solar projects. We handle everything from site acquisition and feasibility studies to financial analysis and construction management. Our team of solar professionals maximizes the potential of every project and can design the perfect system to meet your needs. Whether interconnection analysis or permitting, USLE has what it takes to deliver results.

Land Leasing

Typically, a community solar project needs at least ten acres of relatively dry, flat land for development. That means Illinois will need to lease lots of land to meet its ambitious energy goals. A solar development company should know how to assess suitable acreage while creating the best value for landowners. US Light Energy has developed a unique feasibility process to analyze several critical aspects of a property. By doing so, we’re able to drive the most value per acre. We start by looking at the utility structure in the area. Will the surrounding community be able to access the energy produced by the solar project? Next, we look at environmental considerations. Are there elements like critical habitat constraints that may limit solar development? USLE also looks at local zoning and land use considerations. We work with local officials to ensure we understand the local law, creating a smooth path to approval. A qualified site can be a golden opportunity for landowners. Leasing land for solar can generate stable, passive income while contributing to the generation of clean, renewable energy for the local community.

Maintenance Services

Once a community solar project is up and running, ongoing maintenance is essential to ensure its efficiency and longevity. A top-tier solar company will provide comprehensive maintenance services, including regular inspections, performance monitoring, and prompt repairs. US Light Energy provides several maintenance services. We regularly visit the site throughout the year to inspect the solar system. Electric grids are also checked to ensure the energy generated by the solar farm is being transported correctly. While solar panels can enjoy a lifespan of twenty-five years, solar inverters have a much shorter lifecycle. We inspect inverters regularly to ensure a smooth operation. Solar panels are regularly cleaned to maximize the full use of solar absorption.

U.S. Light Energy is a New York-based distributed generation energy development company specializing in community solar facilities and renewable energy solutions in Illinois. With community solar, subscribers can save a guaranteed 10% on their utility bills, reduce dependency on fossil-fuel-driven energy, and support the environment—without installing solar equipment on the property! Subscribers only need a utility account to get started. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve clean, renewable solar energy. U.S. Light Energy is leading the charge for a new generation.