US Light Energy is committed to helping develop a clean energy future, fighting global climate change, and having a positive impact on the environment, and communities in which we do business.

We’ve developed community solar projects across New York State, with more projects in development across the country, providing clean, renewable solar power for communities, including homes and businesses, and giving landowners a reliable, steady source of income and use for their unused land.

If you are interested in seeing if your property may be a candidate to host a community solar project, click here.

Featured Project: Sugar Hill

6.9 MW DC Sugar Hill Rd site

Serving National Grid customers in the NY Capital Region, the Sugar Hill Solar Farm is the first community solar farm developed in Clifton Park, NY. The 6.9-MW ground-mount solar array is located on 40 acres of land and encompasses nearly 20,000 solar modules. In operation since early 2020, it produces more than 8.6 million kWh of clean energy annually.

Denmark, NY

The Denmark Community Solar Project, located in Denmark, NY, is the Town of Denmark’s first community solar project.

Completed in February 2020, the 7.2MWdc project is currently the largest single solar site reporting to New York State’s Distributed Energy Resource database. The project produces more than 8.9 million kilowatt-hours of clean energy each year. 

Lowville, NY

The Lowville, NY project is a group of 2 smaller projects, including one 5MW project and one 3MW project, both in Loweville, NY, in Lewis County.

This Community Solar project, which will be used to provide clean solar power for the surrounding community, will begin construction in October, 2020, and is expected to be operational in early 2021.

Martinsburg, NY

This 4.8 MW project on former farmland in Martinsburg, NY, in Lewis County, received approval in March, 2020. Construction started in September, 2020, and is expected to be operational, generating clean solar power for the surrounding community, before the end of the year.

Maple Tap
(Martinsburg, NY)

The Maple Tap Community Solar project is smaller than many of our other projects, at just 1.9 MW, in Martinsburg, NY. Construction started in September, 2020, and is expected to be completed by late December, 2020.

Turin, NY

This 2.5 MW project began construction in August 2020, and is expected to be completed, providing clean solar energy to the surrounding community in Turin NY, in Lewis County, in early summer, 2021.

Carthage, NY

This group of two smaller projects, including a 5 MW project and a 3 MW project, is expected to start construction on a former gravel mine in Carthage, NY, in Jefferson County, in October, 2020, producing solar power for the surrounding community by early 2021.

Philadelphia, NY

The Philadelphia, NY project is actually a group of 4 smaller 2 MW projects, all located in the Town of Philadelphia, NY, in Jefferson County.

These projects are being constructed to offset the electric bills of the Jefferson -Lewis BOCES facility. Plan approval was received in October 2019, and actual construction started in September 2020. Project completion is expected in early 2021.