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In Pennsylvania, the rise of community solar projects is a testament to the state’s growing commitment to renewable energy. According to a 2018 plan released by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Pennsylvania seeks to drive solar power generation up from less than 1% to 10% by 2030. Community solar allows multiple parties to benefit from a single, large-scale solar array. Finding the right solar development company is crucial for the success of such projects. Here are four essential areas to consider:


The experience of a solar company is perhaps the most significant indicator of its ability to deliver a successful project. Experienced companies have not only built numerous projects but have also navigated the complex regulatory and financial landscapes of solar project development. When assessing a company’s experience, consider the following:

Years in Business

Companies in the solar industry for many years are generally more reliable. US Light Energy has over thirty years of solar PV, energy industry, and real estate experience.

Past Projects

Look at the size, scope, and locations of previous projects. Solar companies with experience in community solar will be more adept at handling the unique challenges these projects present. US Light Energy has successfully developed over 185 commercial projects and vetted hundreds more!

Industry Certifications and Awards

Recognitions like NABCEP certification or industry awards can serve as benchmarks of quality and expertise. US Light Energy is board certified by NABCEP as PV installation professionals as well as PV technical sales experts. We were voted one of the top solar contractors of 2023 by Solar Power World for the third year in a row!

Land Leasing

For the development of community solar projects in PA, land leasing is a critical component. The right solar company can assess suitable acreage for community solar development while driving the best value for landowners. Key aspects to consider include:

Land Assessment

The company should provide thorough assessments to determine the viability of the land for solar development, considering factors such as sunlight exposure, ground conditions, and proximity to power grids.

Lease Terms

Look for companies that offer transparent and fair lease terms. It includes clear definitions of lease durations, payments, and any escalations.

Legal Expertise

The company should have or work closely with legal experts familiar with state and local regulations to ensure that all aspects of the lease comply with legal standards.

US Light Energy has developed a unique feasibility process that analyzes multiple aspects of every property to drive the most value per acre while positioning a solar project for success.

Development Services

The ability of a company to manage the entire development process from start to finish is crucial. Effective development services should encompass the following:

Project Planning and Design

The company should offer customized designs that maximize energy production and cater to the community’s needs.

Permitting and Compliance

Navigating the myriad of local, state, and federal permits can be daunting. Experienced companies will handle these processes efficiently, ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Financial Planning

Assistance with securing financing, whether through loans, grants, or incentives, is essential. The best companies will have established relationships with financial institutions and know all available solar incentives.

US Light Energy offers a wide range of property development services, including:

Site Acquisition

We have several prequalified sites in Pennsylvania. US Light Energy can also find a location that suits your particular needs.

Feasibility Study

For landowners looking to lease land, US Light Energy can thoroughly assess your property.

Interconnection Analysis

We can determine the best way to connect a community solar project to local power grids and substations.

Site Engineering

Our design team uses the latest innovative technology and the highest engineering standards to maximize the full potential of a solar project.


US Light Energy works with all Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) to ensure a solar project can succeed.

Financial Analysis

Our experienced financial team can examine every penny to ensure the project is projected for economic success.

Maintenance Services

Ongoing maintenance is vital to ensuring the efficiency and longevity of a solar project. When evaluating a company’s maintenance services, consider the following:

Preventive Maintenance

Regular checks and maintenance to prevent equipment failure are necessary for the project’s long-term sustainability.

Corrective Maintenance

The company should offer prompt services to repair any equipment issues that might arise during the project’s lifespan.

Monitoring and Reporting

Advanced monitoring systems that provide real-time data on the performance of the solar array can help in identifying potential issues early. Also, regular reporting will keep all stakeholders informed about the system’s performance.

US Light Energy offers several inspection services, including:

Site Visits

Regular visits throughout the year to inspect the solar system.

Electric Grid Checks

We ensure the clean, renewable energy produced is being transported correctly.

Solar Inverter Maintenance

Solar inverters have a shorter life span than solar panels, requiring regular monitoring.


We maintain the cleanliness of solar arrays to ensure optimal performance.

Pest Control

Birds and rodents may choose to nest near the arrays. US Light Energy will ensure the equipment is free of any obstructions.

U.S. Light Energy is a New York-based distributed generation energy development company specializing in community solar facilities and renewable energy solutions in Pennsylvania. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you achieve clean, renewable solar energy, contact us today! U.S. Light Energy is leading the charge for a new generation.

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